The Beijing Autumn Memory

I’ve been sorting through these photos recently. It’s very easy to get stuck in photography skills, when you don’t know what gonna to do next. One good tip is to go back to your previous photos. Take these photos to see if you have any room for improvement.

A famous Chinese Author Lau Shaw wrote: Seasons circulation in front of the window, the fluctuation in the mind changes. The August is going to pass, Suddenly, Beijing ushered us into Autumn.Only in this short,precious time, Beijing will return to what it was like in the past 70 years. People who have lived in Beijing at this time will know
that Autumn is almost the same as the words.

So this is a journal about Beijing Autumn.

Wuling Mountain : The Dye Jar That Was Knocked Over In The Heavenly Kingdom.

Wuling Mountain

Some people say that The Autumn of Wuling Mountain is like The Dye Jar Knocked Over In The Heavenly Kingdom, which is really wonderful. 

Yes, I think this is the most beautiful place around Beijing.

Accurate to say that The Wuling Mountain does not belong to Beijing but belongs to the XingLong County of HeBei Province. It is a Chinese National Nature Reserve Area. The Forest Coverage Rate is as high as 93 percent. The peak is 2,118 meters above sea level, which is one of the Main Peaks of YanShan Mountains.

Chinese National Nature Reserve Area

With the Complexity of the Topography, it has multiple climate from the bottom to the top.
The Peach Blossom is flying in the Bottom while it is snowing on the top.
The Sun is shinning brightly above while the rain rushing under the bottom.
The Annual Average temperature is 7.6℃, it is called the “ Cool Summer Island ”.

ShuangLong Gorges Scenic Area

ShuangLong Gorges

ShuangLong Gorges Scenic Area is located in the south of the JingXi Gate. It is 78 kilometers from downtown Beijing. It is said that there are abundant water resources in the scenic area. There are two large waterfalls with over 29 meters and one hundred small waterfalls under 10 meters.


There are many kinds of maple leaves along the way, and the leaves are still yellow at that time.

maple leaves

It takes about two hours to complete the whole walk. According to the information from the introduction online, I think it really worth you guys a visit.


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