Is It Safe For Foreigners To Travel In China?

Days ago, I found someone posted a question on Quora

How safe is China?” 

quora how safe is china

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Before we answer this question, let me ask you guys in America some questions first:

Do you know what the feeling is when you are so excited to register in your freshman year, but the school spends a lot of time telling you that you are not going to be able to go certain areas of the school?  

Do you know that every Friday night you get a school security message telling you how many vicious cases are happening around your school?

Do you know that feeling when you encounter the cop and you wonder is he going to pull out his gun? 

Many students studying abroad said that their foreign friends came to visit China, and their first impressions on China were neither how developed China was, nor how hospitable the Chinese people were, but were that China was really safe. 

In fact, in the eyes of many foreigners, not only some of China’s big cities like Beijing and Shanghai will give them the full sense of security but other parts of China also let them feel assured. They don’t need to worry about the terrible things will happen. 

The CCTV News has ever given a street interview with some foreign people staying in China. Let’s see what they said about it.

According the Information we collected, we can also list out many other examples:

Alice Topel lived in Shanghai for a year and currently lives in Portland, USA. She felt that it was safer to go home alone in Shanghai than any other city in the United States, in my words, 100 percent safe. 

Iris, who also feels the same as Alice, has lived in Shanghai for three years. Shanghai is definitely a safe place. ” even when I’m out there at night, I never worry about safety. If you get lost somewhere, people will be happy to give you directions and help you find your home. 

visit shanghai

Tourist At Lujiazui, Shanghai

And many foreigners living in other Chinese cities have expressed their views that China’s lower crime rate is reassuring. Harshni is a writer who has lived in China for 14 years. She lived in four cities and visited many different places. She believes that China is safe in both big cities and small places. “I’ve never been harassed on the street, no one made fun of me. I occasionally walk home from the subway at late night, but I never get scared.” Harshni said. 

China is generally one of the safest countries in the world today, Mrs Low said. She is currently living in Shenzhen, where she began allowing her 11-year-old daughter to take the subway herself, but in many other countries, she would never dare to do so. 

Recently, International SOS and Control Risks have issued a map called “Travel Risk Map 2018”. On this map, countries are classified into different levels, they are : very dangerous, high-risk, medium, low risk, and uncertain levels of risk. Among them, China is listed as a “low risk for tourist country”. The map compares the countries from the three aspects of :road safety, safety and health care . 

risk map 2018Sauce From International SOS

Why can China become one of the safest countries? 

Cities in China are equipped with all kinds of security monitoring equipment, for the sake of urban security.


Up till the present moment, China has installed more than 20 million security cameras in every city. And we call this “Skynet System“. It is the largest video monitoring system in the world now. The Skynet is a system to utilize the tech of image acquisition, transmission, control, display device and control software, combining with computer vision and big data, to monitor the fixed area and record it. 

It can be used to monitor the classification of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians in real time, and accurately identify the types of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, as well as the age, gender and wearing of pedestrians. 

Not only that, The Skynet equipped with face recognition system, it can capture the dynamic of human facial features, and can quickly obtain the object in the public security system archived documents and names. It only takes no more than 10 seconds. 

So, every crime is under the control of  the police.

In addition, China also has a wide range of grass-roots organizations. The cities are divided into neighborhood committees. These neighborhood committees manage community affairs and send people to patrol at night. When they see the suspicious passers-by, if necessary, they will call the nearby police. 

Another main reason should to be the banning guns and drug control in China. Any illegal possession of guns is absolutely not allowed here. 

And in my personal opinion, living in China safely also due to the environment of our culture.


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