How To Create The Great Moment In The Waves

When you hear a wave coming at you, how is it like? It’s like a giant bomb going off. You can not control mother nature. There’s just no possible way. It’s just hard to describe.

This is Ryan Moss. He’s a surf cinematographer and he travels the world chasing waves. How does it feel like? He’s out there all the times in the waves trying to create moments that give the viewer an intimate connection with the surfer. You can’t really get those moments if you’re sitting on land on the beach, filming with a big lens. It doesn’t give you that feeling of what it’s like to actually be out there.

Being a surf cinematographer, there’s a lot of tools in his bag. But his favorite tool is a DJI Mavic. It’s light weight, it’s compact. It can easily fit in your camera bag. The Mavic is a dream comes true. 

Having a drone allows you to keep shooting when you can’t keep swimming. But is can take a lot out of you. In order to capture these moments is physically exhausting. A lot of the times,you will get caught inside by a wave and that’s the worst case scenario. You’re trying hard not to panic, but everything in your body, your instincts, is telling you to panic. It’s very dangerous. But it’s also very rewarding. 

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