Funny Invention Change China-Steps To Make and Set A Firework To Celebrate Chinese New Year

The Chinese Traditional New Year Is Coming.

As we all know, The Spring Festival is a Chinese Traditional Festival, which is the most important day for all the Chinese.People can be able to release emotions, to meet the psychological demands during these days.

But during such important days, how do people in China celebrate it? One of the most indispensable is to set the firecracker and fireworks. 

Chinese Fireworks

When you’re talking about these Firecrackers, Fireworks, one thing you guys can not ignore. That is the Gunpowder. You are right, as we all know, this funny invention was originated from Ancient China. We invented it! As one of the Four Great Inventions In China. We Chinese People use it to make firecrackers to celebrate festivals. 

It is said that firecrackers originated from burning bamboo. Since the ancient times with such a view: long long ago, at the lunar New Year’s eve night, a kind of beast call “年” (Year) will appear. And in order to scare the beast away, people are burning bamboo at home to make burst noise. Then With the invention of gunpowder, the bamboo was replaced by firecrackers. 

Now I’m gonna show you the traditionally making method of firecracker.

It is made up of three parts: The Making Of Body, The Making Of Gunpowder, The Making Of Fuse

Chinese Fire Crackers

The Making Of Body

In the workshop, the firecracker barrel is called the “tube”, and the cutting paper is the firecracker paper used to make the cylinder in accordance with certain specifications. 

  1. Roll off the cracker paper into an empty tube, the main tool of the drum is a stool, made of hardwood. 

     2. Mount the color paper on the appearance of the empty container, intended to water proof originally. But later on was for the adornment effect. 

     3. In order to calculate the number of barrels,use hemp rope to make the tube into a shape like hexagonal pie. 

     4. Fill the paper tube with soil and saltpetre.

     5. Tighten each cylinder with iron bars and drill holes in each cone so that the fuse can be placed. 

     6. After the fuse is inserted into the hole, tighten the bobbin at the end to prevent the lead from loosening.

     7.When a single firecracker is made, it will be strung together with cotton thread.

process firecrackers

The Making Of Gunpowder

Extract the saltpetre from the earth. The traditional tool is very simple, just a big iron pot, the raw material is soil. It is said that it is best to use the soil in the kitchen, because of the cooking, the nitrate precipitates much. Put the clay into the iron pot and keep adding water to boil it. After a day or two, the iron pot will have a layer of white saltpetre.

  1. The original particles is very large, so the next step is to crush it on grinding groove.
  2. The nitrate still can’t be used directly, and it needs to be ground into fine powder with the same grinding process. It is made with sulfur and soil, which is the powder of the firecracker.

The Making Of Fuse

  1. Cut the whole piece of paper into small pieces of papers.

     2. Spread out the paper, use an iron stick to dip the powder and shake your hand,  then the powder will  drop in the paper, the fuse will come out. 

firecrackers from China

How to set off firecrackers safely?

Do not set off firecracker near important units, factories, warehouses. Stay away from the station, wharf, markets, schools. Keep away from the high tension line, flare path, telecommunication lines. 

Please guide and monitor the children to set off fireworks and firecrackers, stay away from the crowd and inflammable and explosive items. 


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