19 Famous Chinese Singers You Should Know

Entertainment knows no nationality or distance barrier. Since the world is a global village, one can be in Mexico and enjoy music from China.

This article will be looking at the most popular Chinese singers who are keeping us entertained and feeding our souls with their music.


Hip-hop is not a brand that is highly favored by the government compared to other genres. This is because Hip-Hop has a negative reputation for being rebellious to society; its harsh lyrics, its style of dressing which is considered immoral.

But all the same, this is one genre that is significantly on the rise in China. The young people are gradually subscribing to this genre of music, giving it momentum.

1. Higher Brothers

This group is comprised of four members and was formed in 2016. It is a group of male-rappers, their single Made in China brought them worldwide recognition.

They have taken their performances as far as the U.S. and many other Asian Cities. If you enjoy hip-hop, then you should listen to their songs. Another famous song also includes WeChat,

2 . Miss Ko

Ko is a Chinese rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is one of the few female strong personalities in the Chinese hip-hop genre. She is outstanding for her style of rap, which sees a fusion of both Chinese and English.

Her dressing and rap depict the rap culture of the 90s. Her rap is focused on social issues, an evident influence of the 90s hip hop culture.

Some of her famous works include; Queen of Queens, Till Next Time. She reminds us about the origins and purposes of rap culture.

3. Vava

She is one of the upcoming female rappers in the Chinese Hip-hop genre. She came into the limelight with her solo album, which she released in 2017 titled “21”.

Vava is one of the most outstanding female rappers in China, being the only female to make it among the top 5 in the rappers’ chart.

She brings a certain fierce and energetic flair to her rapping game, which makes her outstanding. You might recognize her from the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ Her famous song includes; My New Swag.

Our Vava is from Sichuan, China. This baby face is still rocking our world with not only her creativity but her voice too.

4. Gai

He is a Chinese rapper, singer, and songwriter who rose to prominence by participating in a Hip Hop reality T.V. show.  He uses his rap to enlighten people about his life and the kind of issues he has been through, which others can relate to.

He is regarded as one of the iconic personalities of the hip-hop genre in China. He has helped move the rap culture from the underground to the mainstream in China. One of his famous tracks is called Gangsta.


C-Pop, otherwise known as Chinese Pop, Cantopop, or Mandopop, is widely used to refer to any music originating from China.

This music genre initially had to do with Chinese folk songs, but later on, it was influenced by the contemporary music introduced into the country, such as jazz and hip hop. Below are the most popular c-pop singers:

5. G.E.M.

G.E.M is one talented singer who is outstanding. She has outstanding vocals, and she can play different musical instruments such as the guitar, drums, and piano.

This can be attributed to the fact that she grew up in a musically, talented family.

She is also a songwriter, and she began this right from an early age, combining singing with writing. She won a music competition, which helped her climb into the music scene.

If you are a fan of Mariah Carey and high vocals, you should listen to G.E.M. Some of her famous songs include; Light Years Away, Heartbeat.

6 . Jay Chou

He is called the king of C-pop. His flare of music shows his talent and ability to infuse both Chinese and Western styles of music; he mixes R&B with Pop genres.

This has made his tunes unique from the rest and made him successful in his career. He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, actor, and film director.

He released his debut studio album in 2000 titled Jay, whose success was moderate. In 2001. This album led him to win 5 Golden melody Awards, with the year’s Album prize.

He has embarked on several world tours across different cities. He has a significant following around Asia and the world.

His most famous songs include; East Wind Break, In the Name of the Father, and Blue and White Porcelain.

7 . Faye Wong

Wong’s fans greatly admire her for her beauty and marvelous voice, which we hear in her music.

She is a singer, an actress, and a songwriter.  Her beauty and angelic voice blend with her fantastic personality, making it easy for people to love her.

Most people recognize her as one of the best female Canto-pop singers in the Chinese music industry.

Her professionalism and creativity have gained her a lot of respect and fame in the music industry.

People refer to her as the ‘Heavenly Queen.’ Some of her famous songs include; Because of Love, Eyes on me.

8. Jolin Tsai

Widely recognized as the queen of C-Pop, she is outstanding for her ingenuine character, creativity, and ability to adapt to new styles. She came into the limelight through a singing competition and quickly won the admiration of many teenagers.

She has sold many albums and has established herself as a force to reckon with. One of her popular songs includes Karma.

9. Lay Zhang

Lay is famous for his handsome looks and his ability to pull and attract fans of the opposite gender. The looks are not all he possesses; he is a singer, a producer, and an actor.

He is a very talented music artist, and he started his music career in a Boy’s band. He later left the Boy’s Band to go solo with his music career, and he has experienced nothing but great success.

He is also an actor and has enjoyed a lot of success in this area as well. With great talents both in singing and acting, there is no way he can escape the crowd’s eyes.

10. Bingbing Fan

She is a pop singer, a producer, and a movie star; she hails from the Shandong Province of China. The T.V. program The Fair Princess brought her to fame in the late ’90s. She has had a fantastic career and is considered one of China’s most prolific actors.

Her fame saw her expanding her acting career to Hollywood. She has even been featured in the X-Men franchise.

She ranks as one of the highest-paid actors, and she has been a brand ambassador for brands such as Cartier and Louis Vuitton. Some of her famous movies include; The Empress of China, Shaolin.

11. Andy Lau

He is one of the big names in the Chinese singing industry, and he has been around for a very long time.

He is multi-talented, a singer, an actor, a producer, and a director. He has enjoyed much success and fame in the singing industry, setting himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Apart from being a singer, he has also been fully engaged as a movie star, and he has been able to successfully maintain both careers.

His talents in both fields have earned him many accolades and awards. Some of his famous movies include; The Emissary, The Return of the Condor Heroes.

12. Liu Yifei

She is a singer and has released a few successful albums. She starred in the Disney project of Wuhan, which was a significant success.

She has also featured in other movie projects such as; Hanson and the Beast, The Assassin, The Chinese Widow.

She is nicknamed the Fairy Sister because of her beauty. She is one of the most beautiful female celebrities in the Chinese entertainment industry.

One of the Tv Series that established her in the Asian scene was The Return of the Condor Heroes, released in 2006.

13. T.F. Boys Band

This is a boy’s band made of Jackson Yee, Kerry Wang, and Roy Wang. They are rising and gaining popularity throughout China.

Their fan base is built around teenage girls because of their captivating looks. They also have a strong fan base among mothers due to their high school looks and appearances.

They made their debut into the musical world in 2013, and since then, their career and fame have known no bound.

They are millenniums who understand the importance of social media. They have used these social media platforms to their advantage, gaining a lot of followers.

14. Jackson Wang

Wang is a K-Pop singer; he started his career with a boy’s band. He and the band released their first song in 2014 titled ‘Girls, Girls Girls.’

He left the group two years later to launch his solo career, which has witnessed massive success throughout China.

His fame has undoubtedly spread throughout Asia, reaching the U.S., where he appeared in the Radio Top 40 chart. Some of his famous songs include; ‘100 Ways.’

15. Peng Liyuan

Peng is the First Lady, the wife to President Xi Ping, but this is not really what makes her famous. Before becoming the First Lady, she was a singer known widely across China.

She is a singer, famous for her appearance on CCTV’s annual New Year Gala, with her distinctive soprano voice. This show is widely broadcasted in Mainland China during the Chinese New Year.

She has also won many accolades from singing competitions around the country. She received the Plum Blossom Award, China’s most prestigious theatrical award, for the lead role that she played in The White-Haired Girl.


This genre has enjoyed much support from the younger generation, and it has grown in the last decade. Chinese Rock is a combination of local folk music and the traditional fast-paced, hard beat music, giving a different flare from the west.

16. Heibao Yuedui “The Panthers.”

They are one of the most reputable rock bands in China, and with their excellent and energetic music, they have sparked a great appreciation for this genre. Their best songs include; Don’t Break my Heart, Shameful.

17. Beyond

This is another popular rock band, made up of 4 people. Each crew member had different roles, the lead vocalist, the drummer, the guitarist, and the bass player. They started when rock was not appreciated in Chinese society.

They rose from being an obscure rock and roll band to becoming one of the most respected and widely acclaimed Asian Rock bands. Their popular hits include; The Glorious Years, Truly Love.

18. Hedgehog Rock band

This is a Chinese Rock Band made up of three; Zo, Atom, and He Yifan. They are notorious for their explosive rhythms and their energetic performances.

They are not only enthusiastic, but they also write good songs and lyrics that are very impressive.

You would be impressed to know that the drummer Atom is a lady.

She puts in a lot of enthusiasm in providing powerful beats. One of their tracks includes; Blue Daydreaming

19. Hang on The Box

This is an all-female punk band made up of Wang Yue, Li Yan Fan, Shenjing, and Yilina. They are a famous band touring as far as the United States and around Asia.

They are outstanding because they are the first-ever all-female punk band. Also, they have a political tone to their music famous chinese singers , which also hovers around relationships and sex.

They started as a teenage band in 1998, and they have remained active till today. Their albums include; No More Nice Girls, Fox Lady and Yellow Banana.


You can see that there is a whole pool of talented singers and genres to choose from. I trust you will find something that will entertain you and keep you amazed.

There is no harm in exploring and trying something new; you never might know what you are missing out on.

So rather than waiting, I suggest you start clicking and searching and allow one of the singers above to guide you to a beautiful and magical world.

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