Experience The New Four Great Inventions In China

When it comes to the four great inventions of ancient China, even the kids can easily blurt out: The Compass, Paper Making, Gunpowder and Printing. Yet the era is changing, and the definition of invention is changing too. Today, thousands of years later, the four great inventions have been given a whole new meaning by a group of foreigners, which is the so called “new four great inventions” that have been discussed on the Internet recently.  Four New Great Inventions

China High-speed Railway

At present, China’s High-speed Railway mileage is more than 22000 kilometers, which the scale is the largest in the world. More than Japan, Germany, France, Spain and Italy and other countries. What notable is that China also has the world’s most biggest and complete industry chain.

During the ten years since China’s first high-speed railway opened in 2008, the number of high-speed rail networks and the number of passenger traffic have set a new world record. High-speed rail meet the needs of many groups: It makes Chinese old people that over 80 years old traveling alone is free and easy and safe. Besides, the workers and business people in China will be more efficient, it will be more convenient for the Chinese Families go traveling.


Alipay completely changed people’s lifestyles and the pattern of their consumption. Based on the Internet, the people all over the world can stay home through Alipay to shop. The success of Alipay represents the progress of The Times and is a milestone in the development of e-commerce. 


Admittedly, this is a Shared time, sharing resources, sharing networks, sharing knowledge… By the end of 2016, the sharing of bicycles was booming in China, so a new member was added to the sharing economy.

Online Shopping

According to statistics,during 2017, the number of shopping users in China reached 533 million.

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