Top 12 Chinese Videos Sites (China Youtube Alternative Platform)

The 21st century has seen the rise in online businesses, but it’s also a generation that spends most of the time online.

Globally there’s a rage for the online video platforms, and it’s further gaining popularity by the day. Today we are interested in the China video sites.

Although China operates differently from most western countries, they use videos online for different purposes.

In fact, the same way other countries use the videos for business promotion is the same way they do, too.

The difference is that China has its unique video sites. Whether you are looking for video sites for a business or fun, you should read this article.

YouTube is blocked in China.

When we are talking about online videos, the very first thing one of them all is YouTube. Well, YouTube is, for sure, blocked in China.

It doesn’t work in mainland China, and that goes for even google related products. If you tried to access it, then the only thing you will see is a black screen.

Nonetheless, you can use other alternatives to check the videos on YouTube.

If you are a fan of YouTube like I am, then you should have a VPN for the same. It will always help you to unlock the network.

You see, the virtual private network(VPN) will let you connect to a server that’s outside of China.

Notice too that you will have to install the VPN before you get into the country as they also are blocked.

This is a direct show that if you are going to promote your business to the Chinese market, YouTube isn’t the platform you need.

1. YouKu the YouTube of china

Of course, they had to have an alternative to the regular YouTube.

China has a Youku, which saw its rise in 2009 after the ban on YouTube. It took the role of Chinese YouTube, and today it’s one of the Alibaba properties.

The best part is that it has 500milion users per month. This is to say that you can advertise your goods here and have them serve you. This platform will provide a fantastic experience that’s unique to its different customers.

Speed is the number one reason why Youku has taken on the market. You can post and share your videos seamlessly.

Notice that of all the other videos in China, Youku is one of the most popular platforms. The best part is that it’s tailor-made to suit your individual needs.

2. Douyin

Here we have another perfect video sharing and creation platform that’s also mobile-based. It has about 500miliion active users.

It further has about 150 million daily active users. This video site belongs to Beijing bytendance technology. They have a great business because at least one out of ten people in China will view their videos in a day.

By 2018, Douyin surpassed other IOS apps like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to be the most downloaded app in China. If this is happening, you can be sure it’s for a reason.

This platform works great for those who want to create short videos. It, therefore, has a significant number of people who act as influencers. Simply put, the Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok that was launched back in 2016.

In fact, it’s the one same bytendance company that went global with TikTok in 2017. During the COVID-19 lockdown, TikTok has become the most downloaded option.

3. IQiyi

This is another one of the best choices that are owned by the Chinese giant tech called Baidu. iQiyi is another good platform that was first launched in September 2010.

This is referred to as the Netflix of China as it provides some highly popular and original content. It further has user-generated content and partner generated content.

It also has an advantage over Netflix since it will not only show you TV shows; rather, they offer even live sports. It does, however, only show the fully licensed media channels.

The good thing is that Netflix and iQiyi signed a deal whereby the platform also offers some of the content you find on Netflix.

The good thing is that it stands out online thanks to its technological sophistication powered by AI. As of 2019, the platform had about a 109million subscribers with a whopping 98.9% paying subscribers.

The number also keeps growing, making it one of the largest online video sites in China.

4. Tencent Video

This is one of the best sites owned by a conglomerate, and it’s a video content creating platform.

In fact, it’s on the list of the ten most downloaded apps, which is also like the QQ video.

To date, it has 62.59 million subscribers. Here we are talking about the paid subscribers, remember.

With this number, it’s the largest video platform. Remember, most of the success results from WeChat, which is also the world’s largest messaging and social media app.

This is the WhatsApp of China. So if you want to upload a video on your WeChat content, you must have the Tencent. It’s also an HBO partner.

Since they partner with WeChat, you will understand why it’s that popular today. Most of the WeChat clients have it to help in posting specific videos.

5. Kuaishou

Although most of the places in China are developed, we also have areas that are less developed. This platform is meant for those areas that are underdeveloped.

It has about 234 million monthly users. Also, it has 130 million active users.

Although it started as a GIF maker, today, it’s the best platform for short and longer videos. Founded in 2011, this platform has seen a massive rise in subscribers.

This platform is here to stay as it keeps attracting more business by the day. It’s not as big as many of its other competitors, yet it still is the perfect platform for such a market.

6. Leshi Video

This is also one of the oldest since it was founded back in the year 2004. The founder Yueting Jia who is an internet tycoon, also founded LeEco.

This platform focuses more on TV shows and movie streaming. You will also have short videos and live broadcasting options. So you can find the other videos from YouTube.

Through this platform, you will notice that they show some of China’s most common TV shows.

7. Bilibili

At first, this was considered a niche video site that mainly focuses on anime culture in China.

The platform was first launched in 2009, and it has other categories, like mobile gaming advertising and e-commerce.

To date, the most viewed videos are mostly anime from japan.

It further has the danmu part where you can post a comment at the beginning of the video and during the video.

Sadly, the comment may cover the video making it not visible. While it’s a great concept, it will also make it hard for other viewers to use it.

So bilibili encourages more social interactions, and as such, there’s so much growth in the platform with many people still using it.

8. Sohu video

Another one of the highest quality choices is the Chinese largest website that features rich and high-quality content that you find in American TV shows.

You will find video shows like rising stars or the Ellen DeGeneres Show, among others.

It targets the high market where you have users having at least a college degree.

Of course, if you only like the rich and high-quality content, sohu is the place to go.

9. Lu Ke

Now, this is a short video app that’s offered by Taobao. You see Taobao, is one of the shopping marketplaces that belongs to Alibaba. Lu ke will, therefore, work to improve and support the e-commerce of its users.

Through the app, therefore, you can upload the different kinds of videos and images of the goods you are going to buy.

What makes it even stand out is that you can even buy the product using a single click.

Also, President Jiang said in the future, they expect that Taobao will only use the video content only.

It’s much easier to understand the videos when you want to sell and also woo buyers.

10. Xigua

This is a video platform that lets the influencers deliver their content though not the same way. Western countries do.

Here the difference is that they give priority to the professional content. So you won’t have the same problem you do when you are using the YouTube and Instagram platforms.

This is the reason why an average video on Xigua takes not less than two minutes.

Notice that the time it takes for the video matter as they don’t want to have ads in place of videos.

Xigua will, therefore, promote brand awareness better.

11. Baidu Video

This is another one of the most common choices that’s also a professional platform that’s meant to deliver professional content. It’s a platform that will develop and continue to provide vital content.

This is one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the country. It’s also best to deliver search engine content where you can search for anything and show the videos.

Also, with the search engine, you can find the best video that you are looking for.

12. Mango TV

Another one of the most common video sites is this mango TV. It’s an internet video streaming site. It’s in fact, the perfect site that’s operated by

It’s an internet TV channel where you will see new shows and dramas of your choice but especially the Chinese ones.

Chinese video hosting

If we are going to talk about the video sites, then we can as well speak about video hosting too. We have two main sites that will host the videos.

Poly V

This is a Chinese video hosting site with an online streaming solution. It’s ideal for e-commerce, e-learning, and marketing.

You will even have different customization parts as well as data analysis. The good thing is that it has large storage capacity and it has a high running capacity.

China-based CDNs

If you, in fact, use the China-based CDNs, then you are sure to deliver the videos in China, making them even popular.

The best thing is that they will speed up the video streaming of your audience.

Since they don’t have their video players, you can therefore have the official video player.

Benefits of the china video sites

  • It will make it easy to market your business

Of course, you will need to market any business you have in china to get new clients. Well, the video sites will easily show other people about your business.

  • You can stay on-trend.

Whether we are talking about fashion, the hottest topics, the latest comedy, or any other thing, you will find them in the videos. If you use the China video site, you can be sure it will be of service to you.

  • Our video sites focus more on the Chinese

It’s the one place we know to find our very own information that we understand. It’s all about us, not so much about the other countries, making it easy to understand everything Chinese.

It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about health, wealth, holiday business; it’s all geared towards china.

  • Most are easy to use

It doesn’t matter if you will want to post your favorite videos or see what’s there; everything is easy when you use our video sites.

  • They are easy to access

Of course, you could have other sites like YouTube and Facebook videos, but it’s better to use ours. Here you will find the one you like with ease because they are readily available. You won’t even pay much for the same.

My final thoughts on the China video site

You can have different video sites, even the ones outside China’s walls if you want. However, you will need to have a VPN to access the information.

Notice that this shows you the highest quality video site, and as such, you can watch anything you want to.

Go on today and choose from the ones listed above to get the kind of video you want.

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