12 Websites to Watch Chinese Movies Online Free

Are you a great fan of Chinese movies, but you don’t know great sites to find them for free? Or you’re on a budget and would like to watch without subscribing?

This article will show you some of the best sites you can watch movies for free.

These sites provide VPN services that enable you if you are outside of the Mainland of China to overcome copyright limitations.

The only thing that might prove to be a little bit uncomfortable is the short ads that pop up just before the movies start.

These ads should not be much of a problem because they do not take longer than a minute.

1. Iqiyi Movies

This site provides a variety of full-length movies, and there are no copyright limitations. They also offer content such as Tv shows, animations, and documentaries. Baidu, which is one of the largest search engines in China, owns this website.

This website does not restrict its contents to Chinese movies only, but it also offers one the chance to watch Hong Kong and Taiwan movies.

Not only does this site provide the newest copyright movie content, but it also provides funny content. This is a strategy for attracting the younger generation.

Whether you want to use the android or iPhone app to watch it is all a personal decision and you can always do so.

Website: https://www.iqiyi.com/

2. Sohu movies

Sohu Movie is another one of the most famous sites. You can attribute that to the fact that it provides thousands of movies and shows for free.

When you want to watch some of the latest American shows in China then you should do so through Sohu.

They will show anything from Chinese movies, European movies, North American movies, and sometimes even Australian shows.

Although they are legally available, you can only use them freely in mainland China. It’s also a platform for gaming activity.

Website: https://tv.sohu.com/

3. Kissasian Tv

This is another beautiful site if you are hoping to catch good Chinese dramas. Here you will discover the latest released Chinese movies.

If you are looking to stream the best Chinese movies without creating an account, this is the right site.

Kissasian offers a variety of options; here, you have a lot of options to choose from.

All these you get online for free, and you do not have to worry so much about the pictures’ quality.

Website: https://kissasian.la/

4. Bilibili Chinese YouTube

This is the closest thing China has that looks like YouTube. Since the government has restricted access to YouTube in the country, it is only necessary to have a company that replaces its value.

Its contents range from short video clips to full-length movies and series. This platform also combines as a game platform, attracting the youth population.

This website has millions of subscribers because of its creativity and lucrativeness.

Website: https://www.bilibili.com/ 

5. M1905

This site offers movie content from Mainland China, the USA, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. You will find content such as videos, movie blogs, movie stars, and movie rankings.

They provide quality HD movies. This site is also free of movie copyright limitations. When it comes to accessing it, you do not have to bother what part of the world you are in. This is because it covers a wide range.


6. QQ Movies

This app provides access to a lot of movies, both local and foreign movies. This website is a franchise under the QQ instant messenger app. QQ movies website is a movie channel of that app.

It is one of the most visited websites for movie streaming and downloading. Their contents include dramas, cartoons, documentaries, and shows.

You need a VPN to unblock this site. One advantage of this site is that you can bookmark shows and watch them later on whenever you are ready.


7. 56 Movies

This website is one of the most accessible sites to get movies because you do not need an IP or VPN to unblock and access the site and its contents.

Anyone from any part of the world can access it easily any time any day. 56 Movies have legal access to many HD movies.

Website: http://www.56.com/ 

8. Newasian Tv

This is another famous site among those who love Chinese movies. One of the advantages of this site is that it expands the language option and accommodates more people.

It shows the programs using different languages including Chinese, Hindi, Telugu, and more. You will watch it too without having to spend a dime.

Newasian Tv has a collection of TV programs, Chinese TV series, and you do not have to download it to watch full episodes.

You can stream them directly. So, you can save your phone’s memory from the stress of holding a lot of downloaded stuff.


9. Youku Movies

Youku grants access to a lot of blockbuster movies and also movies with local and international content. They are the Equivalent of Youtube.

If you want to enjoy free viewing, then you should be prepared to watch the one-minute Ad, which is compulsory.

As with other sites, if you are outside of China, you will need a VPN to unblock Youku and gain access.

Where to get the app:


10. AsianCrush

If you are bored watching movies with adverts and pop-ups, as I am sure you are. Then you should try this website AsianCrush.

They are only a few websites where you can comfortably watch movies for free without them having to subject you to watch an advertisement; AsianCrush is one of those websites.

Here you can watch newly released Chinese Drama and movies online for free.

The only thing required of you is to visit their website, select your desired movie, click and watch away. Be assured of a hassle-free experience.

Website: https://www.asiancrush.com

11. Movie.kankan.com

This is a must-visit movie site, regularly visited because of its rich content of movies and Tv shows. The site has tons of interesting copyrighted movies, TV series, and other programs.

This site is undoubtedly good for those who love sports and might not be in a place where you have subscribed to a Tv plan. You can comfortably get those major sporting events from this site.

Kankan movie consists of an extensive library, including Chinese and foreign films. This is certainly a site for you to bookmark.

Website: zhan.xunlei.com

12. Falldrama

This is another fantastic site for movies. It has moderate advertisements and pop-ups, which makes it more comfortable than some other sites.

You do not need to register to access its contents. You can stream and download, depending on your preference.

A good thing about this site is that you can choose a short version of Chinese movies from the ratings and comments.

This means that you might not have to watch those parts of the movies that do not matter.


When you want to watch the free movies online then you can find a site from the 12 sites above. You don’t always have to pay for watching any TV show.

The world is truly a global village. No wonder, the Chinese movie industry has become global especially since we have many Chinese overseas. So, grab your popcorn and let the viewing begin!!!

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