17 Most Popular Chinese Flowers With Their Meanings

The Chinese culture has understood right from early times the medicinal value of flowers and the artistic value and the emotions that flowers evoke.

With this positive attitude towards flowers, it is not surprising that flowers play a role in people’s literature, food, beverages, medicine, and decorations.

This article will give you a view of Chinese flowers, their symbols, and their uses.

1 .Peony Flowers

The peony flowers are the queen of all flowers. Thanks to the poet Li Bao who compared the love of his mistress to the flower, more people know about this flower type today.

The peony flower symbolizes love, romance, fame, wealth, prosperity, beauty, and reproduction. It bears people’s wishes for a fair and prosperous new year also.

Adding Peonies to your wedding bouquet signifies good luck and happy married life.

In a survey carried out in the country, many people favored Peony flowers above every other flower. Little wonder, it is considered the national flower in China.


They are used to treat headaches and asthma.

2. Azalea Flower

Like many other flowers, this flower’s popularity and fame can be seen from the many Chinese poems and stories that it has been featured in.

It is broadly known for its medicinal purposes. From the mythology of this flower, they have a sad connotation to them. They are used during the time of mourning and burials.

When these flowers blossom and cover the mountains, there is a magnificent sight to behold.


This flowering plant is enormous in Chinese medicine, curing deafness and all ailments associated with the kidney.

The flowers are used for analgesics and sedative purposes. Also, they help to treat rheumatism and traumatic injuries.

3. Narcissus Flower

This charming green, white, and yellow-colored flower grows in water and carries heavenly beauty. It symbolizes good fortune and the Chinese Lunar year.


It is, however, one of the most used flowers in china for home decoration.

It is also a perfect gift for those who are seeking good fortune.

4 .Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum flowers are one of the most beautiful plants in China. This flower radiates joy and happiness, making you fall in love with them as soon as you see them.

Generally, it is a symbol of autumn, simplicity, and ease of life. The chrysanthemum is known for its beauty and elegance.

As a result, it is classified among a group of so-called “four gentlemen” (along with plum blossom, orchid, and bamboo).


People use this flower for medicinal practices. Chrysanthemum tea is an excellent medicine for curing internal heat and fever.

Moreover, after you might have taken food that is too spicy and cheesy or baked food items, this tea is also recommended. Some people use their leaves for wine flavoring.

5 . Magnolia Flower

People refer to this flower as ‘the flower that welcomes the spring.’ It symbolizes beauty and the quest for love. This flower is also associated with wealth and self-esteem.


Its medicinal value includes aiding indigestion, depression, constipation, weightlessness, headache, asthma, anxiety, inflammation, and stress.

Like other worthy plants, it is offered as a gift wishing for honor and wealth. It also represents feminine beauty.

6 . Plum blossom

The plum blossoms are used as metaphors to appreciate the virtue of endurance and hope through hardships.

This flower symbolizes noble and modest qualities, along with bamboo, chrysanthemum, and orchid; they are considered the ”four gentlemen plant”.


They have an exquisite fragrance that can light up the mood around your home. They are also edible and sweet, used as spices for rice and baked items.

7 .Lily Flower

The Chinese Lily is a bulb flower with six petals and comes in many colors. It is a beautiful flower that symbolizes happiness and fertility.

No wonder it is usually gifted to newly wedded couples and a woman who has just given birth.


In terms of its medicinal value, it helps to treat intestinal discomfort. Also, its dry leaves are used on injuries to close and heal them.

The leaves also help reduce the high heat temperature of the body during summer.

8 . Cherry Blossom

They represent newness, new love, and new opportunity, new and endless possibilities. The flowers usually come in two colors, white and pink.

The flower has a beautiful fragrance. They are a beautiful sight to behold, and there is no way you can miss them.

The cherry blossom differs from the plum blossom by just a minor difference.

Plum Blossoms do not split at the end of each petal, but they do with cherry Blossoms. Cherry Blossoms bloom during the Springtime.


They are ornamental plants, some people wear them on their hair, and others print them on their clothes as a means of fashion.

Also, it is an edible plant; most people use it for food and tea.

9 . Hibiscus

The Hibiscus flower is among the most significant flowers in China. Not only for its medicinal value but also its ornamental value.

Chengdu City is known as the ”City of Hibiscus”. The hibiscus flower symbolizes Glory, fame, and splendor.


Hibiscus helps to treat abnormal period pains, gonorrhea, bronchitis, diarrhea, and stomach aches. It functions as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory drug.

10. Lotus

This flower grows in muddy, dirty water. The amazing factor is that it does not allow its environment to affect its beauty.

It stays undamaged, retaining all its beauty and grace!

This flower symbolizes purity, nobility, wisdom, and intelligence. Do you know It is a precious flower in Buddhism?

Yes, it is unique because it blooms on the Lunar 8th in Beijing. This date happens to be the birthday of Lord Buddha.


Although it is a poisonous plant, it is a cure for many diseases, and it is traditionally used to reduce or eliminate chronic bronchitis.

The leaves, seeds, and roots, of the Lotus flower, are used for Chinese cuisine and medicinal purposes.

11. Chinese Rose Flower

Flowers represent peace, and I think the above picture just calmed your nerves a little.

The Chinese rose is grown in Southwest China; in Guizhou, Hubei, and Sichuan provinces.


China Rose flower buds and flowers are brewed into tea and soup and used as kitchen herbs.

The seeds of the rose flowers are a good vitamin E source and are used as spices for food.

Perhaps you may have used perfumes and cosmetics that have some ingredients of the Chinese rose because, aside from the food industry, this flower is common in the cosmetic industry for many products.

12 . Camellia Flower

It is considered the national flower of Southern China and symbolizes youthfulness, new life, and love.

You could use this new information to your advantage. As you may ask, the next time you attend a wedding ceremony, you could present this flower to newlyweds or when visiting a new mum who just delivered a baby.

This flower has attracted a lot of attention Because of its economic and medicinal value. It has over two hundred species, and most species have their unique characteristics.

Camellia flowers can adapt to different weather conditions as a result of hybridization.


This beautiful flower is known to cure fire burns and pyrosis

13. Orchid Flower

This flower symbolizes integrity, friendship, and nobility. It has small leaves and tall spikes of an inch flower.

It is multi-colored, comprising of green, brownish-purple, and white.


Orchid is used as a stress reliever; the beauty of the flower and its aroma helps to achieve this relief.

Orchids provide ingredients that help to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy.

They are used to treat different diseases and add to food, helping boost the immune system. They possess both medicinal and cosmetic benefits.

14. Iris Flowers

Irises are attractive flowers, a beautiful sight to behold. This flower carries the symbol of royalty and nobility, used as a symbol for those in authority or power.


It is an ornamental flower, used for its beauty to beautify places.

15. Osmanthus Flower

They are green shrubs with beautiful leaves. Osmanthus flowers have a strong, beautiful scent and flavor that can fill the room.

You will witness the beauty of these flowers, mostly during spring and fall.


Osmanthus has some health benefits and uses; are used to treat cold; they are used to treat lung diseases.

Also, they help to reduce menstrual pains. It can also be used to reduce mouth odor and for skin moisturizing.

16 . Duckweed Flower

A duckweed flower is a floating plant, found mostly in ponds. It is a beautiful sight to behold as this plant floats majestically on topwater.


This plant is used as a repellent for mosquitoes. It is also vital to the environment; it serves as a water cleaner by absorbing the chemicals.

It stops the spread of algae in the water, preventing the evaporation of the water bodies.

17 . Red Cymbidium Flower

This flower has a strong, beautiful scent that lights up the environment; the same thing applies to its leaves. It is an evergreen plant that blooms many times during the year.

This means you can have the flower many times during the year without having to worry about it being an annual blooming plant.

This beautiful plant is usually grown in pots, away from places with direct sunlight. This is because they are quite fragile, and they also require a fair amount of water.

If you have ever wanted to grow flowers inside your house, this is a good option for you to try. They signify friendship.


This flower possesses excellent ornamental value, used for decoration and many wedding bouquets.

Chinese flowers differ in meaning and situations. How you may ask. Let us take a look at the different aspects.

Each flower is unique and has its meaning depending on its health, color, and occasion. While some have positive connotations, others have negative and sad connotations.

Does the health condition of the flower matter?

We can all agree that appearance is an essential aspect of everything, so do flowers in Chinese culture.

The healthier-looking the flowers are, the better. Hence one has to be aware to present healthy-looking flowers rather than dull flowers.

Weather Symbols

As I mentioned earlier, flowers are an integral part of Chinese culture. This importance manifests itself again in the symbols used to represent the different weather seasons.

Winter is represented by the Plum blossom, Spring by Orchid, Summer by the Lotus, and Falls by Chrysanthemum.


Since all flowers have different meanings and symbols and what occasions people can use them, it is essential not to neglect this when planning an occasion.

This is an area where one cannot claim to be ignorant. Using the wrong flowers for the wrong event or circumstance can send a wrong message.

Flowers used during marriage ceremonies such as orchids are bright and colorful. The orchid displays a happy union between both couples.

The Lotus flower signifies the total self-giving of both couples and the harmony between them.

Unlike marriage ceremonies where the flowers have to be colorful and bright, it is different for burials. At burials, you will find mostly white-colored flowers, which represent simplicity.


Chinese flowers, like every other flower in the world, can have various messages hidden behind them. The people appreciate these flowers, and these flowers mark every critical moment in life.

Thus flowers do play an integral part in the culture of the Chinese people.

Hopefully, this article would have opened your eyes to a whole lot of meaning behind flowers. Be rest assured that the next time you are getting flowers for your spouse or partner or as a gift to those in hospitals or those who just got wedded, you will be more guided.

Hopefully, you will become more appreciative of the flowers around you, and I hope you can agree with the Chinese that flowers are not “just flowers.” There is more to it, and I hope that you can also appreciate that.

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