15 Free Sites To Watch Chinese Drama Online (Update 2022)

In recent years, Chinese TV dramas have received a lot of media attention and gradually obtained lots of favors worldwide.

Unfortunately, almost all Chinese movies use Mandarin, Cantonese languages. This language barrier poses a little challenge to fans who neither understand nor speak Chinese.

If you want to follow the Chinese TV series, you should check our list for some of the most popular websites to watch modern Chinese dramas with English subtitles.

1. DramaCity


This site offers a wide range of interesting Chinese movies with the advantage of English subtitles. The content of movies ranges from Chinese dramas, Kungfu, criminal and action movies.

On this site, you will undoubtedly find updated movies and series that run across genres.

You also have the opportunity to download the movie of your choice so that you can watch it later. This site is very captivating, easy to maneuver. However, as with most websites, you will have to be patient with the ads that pop up before the actual movie.

Visit: http://dramaz.se/



YouTube is one of the most visited social media platforms for watching videos. The list is endless, from music videos to short makeup tutorials, funny clips, and even movies.

You will find full-length Chinese drama on YouTube. The beauty is, you don’t need to subscribe to view. Most of the movies also have English subtitles.

It would be advisable to subscribe to some channels that offer Chinese dramas and movies to make your viewing experience more comfortable.

This way, you will be immediately notified anytime there is a new update. You will also deal with a few ads on YouTube. However, they are a bit more regulated.

3. Dramacool


Dramacool has a vast collection of Chinese dramas. It is a fantastic website because it is one of the top websites to download Chinese drama for free.

You also get the chance to watch these movies with English Subtitles. The videos on this site are high-quality, thus making them fantastic to view. Dramacool gives you the option of streaming online or downloading the videos to watch at a time.

Dramacool is on top of their game when it comes to updating their movie list. If a movie is out, it is definitely on this site, so there is no missing.

The downside of using this site, just like most, is the constant advertisements. But I think this is a minor problem that a simple adblocker can quickly fix.

Visit: https://www.dramacool9.com



Newasiantv is a famous website for fans of Chinese movies and drama. It has a large following because of the availability of English subtitles.

Chinese TV programs, series, and movies are all found on this website and for free. They have been uploaded with full episodes, and you can watch without downloading them.

NewasianTV provides an excellent way to save your device’s memory from filling up with movies.

By far, it’s one of the best websites to watch Chinese action movies online with English subtitles.

Website: https://www.newasiantv.tv



Asian crush is one of the best sites available today. Unlike the other sites, you do not have to deal with adverts and popups. It is simple to use and fun-filled.

The English subtitles are top-notch. Movies are put in order of the year of production, making them easy to find. So, if you’re tired of advertisements and popups, then you should give this website a try.

Website: https://www.AsianCrush.com

6. Asianfans HK Dramas


This website has a lot of content, ranging from Chinese dramas to movies and seasonal movies. Here you can enjoy Chinese dramas to the fullest with satisfying English subtitles.

You can also download the movies of your choice so that you do not have to miss out on any opportunity. Be rest assured that you will find HD-quality videos, nothing mediocre.

Website: https://hkdrama.asianfans.net



Most Chinese movies have English subtitles; so, you do not have to look confused as you watch. You will be carried along and get to enjoy the movies.

Youku.com offers a lot of varieties when it comes to Chinese movies. With this comprehensive collection of movies, you can be sure to find most Chinese movies without missing out. Youku offers thousands of the latest TV dramas that are up to date.




Another fantastic site to watch Chinese movies online with good English subtitles is Falldrama.com. This website keeps the popups and advertisements moderate.

Fall drama also gives you the opportunity of streaming for free without having to download movies or register an account.

There is another advantage to this website. It can be so tiring to watch movies that are so long that this website has made life more comfortable because you can make a movie short based on others’ comments, ratings, and views.

Website: https://www.falldrama.com

9. Viu


Viu has a lot of content that most sites would generally miss, making it more attractive. They also offer a good variety of language subtitles, including English.

When it comes to competition and keeping the fans entertained, Viu has mastered this art.

We all know that the more new and wide-ranging content a site provides, the more likely it is for viewers to flock to that website. This is what Viu has achieved, bringing a lot of traffic to their site.

Website: https://www.viu.com

10. M1905


M1905 is a Chinese streaming video website, and it is one of the largest movie channels. You can access this website from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.

The site supports a search function; you can find your favorite movie. After about one-minute ads, you will be able to view the full-length movie. Also, most of its Chinese movies have English subtitles.

Website: https://www.1905.com/



If you think of an online platform that offers fantastic Chinese movies and dramas, Kissasian should suit your taste.  This is because you are going to enjoy every minute of these movies. To enjoy these movies, you will need to understand what they are saying.

The English subtitles are very accurate, making it easy for you to follow and enjoy the movies. You will find most of the recently released Chinese films here. It is one of the best websites that offer good streaming services.

Website: https://www.kissasian.si

12. 1080 Movies


This website is an online video content platform that offers the latest high-quality movies. You can watch these movies with English subtitles, making it a better experience.

All movies are free and are assured that you do not have to watch any ads before the actual movie.

There is no region restriction for all its movies, which means visitors can watch them anywhere in the world.

Website: https://www.1080movies.net

13. Subscene


Movies on the Subscene website have straightforward and easy-to-understand subtitles.  Their topmost concern is to give the viewer a wonderful experience.

So, if you want a site that is inclusive and sensitive to the fact that you might not understand Cantonese or Mandarin, then you should use this website.

You will be able to download the subtitle in English or any other language. You can achieve all these for free without having to pay a cent.

Website: https://www.subscene.com

14. VIKI


Nothing beats comfort more than having a website with its official app for movies with English subtitles. Viki is very user-friendly.

This website has a lot of variety, and if you are patient enough with the usual popups and ads, you should certainly try it out.

To get more content, you have to pay a little bit more to get full packages. If you can afford it, it is a one-stop shop for you. On this site, you can stream all TV series, sports, and movies.

Website: www.viki.com



Netflix is also one popular site with a variety of content. It has TV shows and movies by other producers and also Netflix originals. The arrangement of movies within the app helps you to narrow down things a little faster.

You can easily search by genre. The English subtitles that are provided are efficient and less complicated.

Albeit, you need a VPN to access Netflix as it’s one of the sites that China restricts. You also need to pay a monthly fee to access the movies.

The most significant advantage of Netflix is the absence of annoying ads and the availability of HD movies. You can stop watching a movie and continue the next day without losing your progress.


These websites are some of the best available options for movies, and dramas that suit your fancy, whether comedy, romance, or action movies.

I am sure you like this guide on websites that can help you watch Chinese TV shows with English subtitles.

Don’t forget to grab a carton of popcorn and a soft towel for the tears while watching Chinese dramas’ romance, especially when you can understand every bit of what is being said through subtitles’ efficiency.

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