What Plugs And Sockets Should You Use In China

Whenever we are traveling outside the country, one of the problems we do have is knowing whether the plugs and power outlets we have are effective when we dock in China.

So let me use this article to make your work easier.

By the end of the article, we expect you to understand whether you need a new plug when going to China. Also, we will make you know which one to buy.

We all somehow need to use power even if it’s just for a short visit. You will need it for your virtual devices like mobiles and tablets but also laptops.

Of course, if you are new to China, then you may bring the wrong outlet. I know how confusing everything can be if you’ve never visited the country in question.

The plugs have different frequencies and voltages, so depending on where you are going, you can choose the power outlet guide.

But first,

Understand the power outlet, and it’s uses.

Simply put, the power outlet, sometimes referred to as a receptacle. It’s the socket that will connect your electrical device to the power supply.

They are usually small and lightweight adapters, so you can carry one with ease if you’re a traveler, for example. They will make it easy to power your devices.

They are usually either a three-pronged or two-pronged socket.

The two-prong one has a slot for the hot and one other for the neutral wire. So the difference with the three-pronged one is that it has a slot for the grounding.

Of course, the three-slot one is safer to use even when you use higher electric currents.

At the moment, there’s no global standard for plugs and sockets. What happens is that they are classified in regions.

You will find the Chinese standard, American standard, European standard, and south African standard, among others.

So the standard for the Chinese plug is at GB 2099. 1-2008, but sometimes it’s set at GB 1002-2008. Note that they are mostly similar to the ones in Australia.

In fact, the plug will fit loosely in an Australian socket. If you, however, have the thick Australian pins, then they may not fit.

One other difference is that in China, the sockets are installed upside down. So they have the two flat pins up, and then the lower one is a single ground slot pin.

Lets talk of the voltage

Of course, the voltage varies from one place to another. The ideal situation is where the countries come together and choose a single voltage for the universal wall outlet, but that’s not the case.

Unfortunately, this can be hard if you are from a country where your voltage is higher or lower.

Well, this is something you could easily forget because who thinks of the wall plug when going out for two weeks or so.

Most of the world countries, though, will use 220V, and that includes China. Nonetheless, other countries like Japan and South America uses 110V.

If you are going to visit China, you have to choose the plug outlets with the right voltage.

Wall sockets in China

It’s important to mention that the wall sockets in China often consist of two thin socket pins. Sometimes though, they have two-prong compound sockets.

Notice that the modern-day sockets with one wide prong and a thinner one won’t work for your sockets in China. If this is your socket, then you will need to buy an adapter.

Another wall socket is where you have three thin pin plugs that you will commonly find in Australia and Newzealand.

If you are from Australia or NewZealand, you won’t need to buy new plugs as they are compatible.

It’s important to note that if you are, however, going to Taiwan and you are from the US, you will have it being compatible with the US ones. Also, the voltage is the same, so you don’t need an adapter here.

The voltage in Hong Kong is 220V, which is the same for most countries worldwide. However, you must have a three-pin thick rectangular pin or sometimes the round ones.

Now then understand China’s electricity.

We have already mentioned most of the parts of China’s electricity. Whether you are in hong kong or the mainland, you expect it to be 220V at 50Hz AC.

This is the same when in Europe or Australia. However, if you are in the US, then it may be 110V  at 60Hz. Sometimes though, the voltage in America and Canada can be 120V. Now, remember the hertz is different from China.

Remember, although you can have different power outlets, it will have the same voltage or hertz. If, for example, you have a 240V type, then you may need a converter.


If you are going to travel to China, you may need an adapter for your electronics. The good news, though, is that you can easily find them.

You can have them in a travel store or even the electronic store. You will always have them at the airport too, in case you forgot them.

Don’t worry, though; even if you didn’t find one or forgot, you can find them in China’s various places. The good thing is also that they are much cheaper too.

So if you want to carry your laptop or iPhone, do so because you can charge them quickly.

Australia, New Zealand, China Travel Adapter Plug 


I’ve found this adapter to be a very cheap choice to use. The best part is that you can use it in most countries, including China.

Whenever you are traveling, the first thing you need is lightweight tools, and the small ones will work best.

Well, here you have the perfect choice to use. The good thing is that it has both 220V and 110V.

Nonetheless, remember that it will only be compatible with the dual voltage products. Its an adapter, remember not a convertor.

The converter

Will I need a converter when traveling to China?

This is one of the most common questions you will hear people asking. Notice, though, that in most cases, you won’t need a convertor just because most of the electronics are rated for both 110 and 220V.

With this, you may not even need an adapter or a power converter. As such, before you buy it, you should check for the indication that shows you that it will work with the 110-240V.

Notice that it’s dangerous if you decide to use one that has 110V on a 240V one.

If you, however, have to buy a converter, remember to buy the one that isn’t too bulky, especially if you intend for it to protect you.

Also, if you have sensitive computers or electronics, then you should always buy a converter.

Foval Power Step Down 220V to 110V Voltage Converter.


If you are going to buy a converter, you should choose this one because it’s effective, and it’s also not bulky. Remember, when we are traveling, the last thing we need is too much luggage.

It’s further the perfect choice since you can use it anywhere you wish to. In fact, it’s acceptable in up to 150 countries.

Besides, it will come with another adapter too to make your work even easier. This converter will give you an auto shut and protecting you from electrical accidents.

If you would like to use your hair dryers, you will need to confirm the transformer wattage. I prefer to go to a hotel with a dryer, of course, to avoid such problems, though.

So do we need power outlets in China?

If you are going to travel, of course, this is something you will need. Different countries have different shapes of sockets, and the voltage they will use also varies. This is always the reason why you will need a power outlet like the adapters.

Whether you consider buying it in China or your home country is okay, it will always work.

If you go to a higher than a three-star hotel, you can be sure to find the outlet there. You may find them in the bathroom. In most cases, the rooms have the 220V.

  • It’s safe to use

There’s nothing more unsafe than if you use a higher voltage, for example, on a low voltage, then you risk causing a bad accident. Remember to only go with the one that will fit your electronics to avoid unnecessary accidents.

  • It makes it safe to use it in any location.

Of course, when you are buying the power outlet, you secure the electronics in China. But you can use the same outlet in many other countries, making it even better.

  • It makes electronic operations easy.

You won’t have to struggle to find places to charge your gadgets. When you come with your outlet, then they will match the countries electricity system. Just make sure you research more about it first.

Wrapping up

Of course, you need the power outlets but the particular ones designed for use in China. When you have such outlets, you’re set but, you will need a VPN too to access most of your online stuff.

Make sure the VPN is operational before you come here. Notice that China will censor its internet, and most of the platforms are blocked.

Suppose you have the VPN though you can access any information you would like to. Make sure your papers are right, and you have all other travel necessities like a passport. Have a perfect trip too.

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