What Is The Best Time To Visit China – Answer Here

When you are organizing a trip, there are several factors to consider. One of the main factors that matter is the best time to visit the place.

Notice, though, that just like other countries, the times change. Since China is a large country, you can expect many places you can visit in the country.

I love to travel during the different seasons just because there are various places you can enjoy at other times. Summer and autumn are the perfect times to visit, but so are winter and spring.

Visit China during spring.

When we are talking about the weather, then you should go to China during the spring.

It would help if you visited from April to September. You expect the warm and comfy weather of between 10-23°C.

The difference, though, is that the northern part of China remains somehow cold in April. Such regions include Xinjian and Heilongjiang.

Notice that in the south, you will find that the weather is cold and wet.

This may not be as comfortable for people to visit. In some regions, the early morning trip with mist is a plus for most people too.

Spring is one of the best times to visit China, especially if you’re a nature lover.

So if you don’t want to visit the country during rainy times, then you should visit drier areas like Beijing and Xi’an.

Visit during summer

Often summer is quite hot, but it also makes us want to visit different places. The temperature ranges from 25-33°C.

Sometimes though, during summer, it’s rainy in other areas. Note that it’s during this time that you will have the chance to sightsee. You can also have mountain hiking during these times.

It will therefore give you the optimum temperature for the mountain and highland destinations. If you are from a much colder region, you should be prepped for the better part of China’s hot temperatures.

Areas like Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an are scorching at such times, and they require you to book way in advance.

During summer, too, you may experience typhoons, and this may cause delays in flights. As such, you should have room for adversities that may occur.

Summertime is between June to August, and it’s the perfect time to travel too but expect crowds and too much heat.

If you have school-age kids, this will be the perfect time to travel to a different destination, whether you are a local or international tourist. For even more fun, you can choose to use the private tours.

Would you like to visit the Hawaii of China? Then you should go to Hainan during the summer.

Hainan has more beautiful beaches, just like the ones you find in Hawaii.

If you like to swim or other water sports, you can do them here.

Although it may be very hot, you don’t have to worry since the hotels will have the air cons in most cases.

Visit china during the fall season.

The temperature is often great during fall, too; they will range between 15-27°C. This is equally great for the days when you intend to visit China. You will have more clear days and lesser rainy ones during this time, making it fantastic to travel.

You have areas like Xinjian that are very hot during the hot seasons. They are also often freezing during the winter, but it has perfect weather when it falls. You can travel correctly at such times.

Other touristic cities like Hong Kong and Beijing will have the same kind of weather as Xinjian, making them the perfect touristic destination.

As you can, therefore, see there’s no one place that is worse to visit at any time. You have to know which part of china you can visit at any given time.

Precisely the fall season is often between September to October. This is also the time when we have the highest level of travel.

On a few occasions, you will meet large crowds but don’t worry; it won’t be such a bad crowd.

You will like the fact that you will experience the perfect colors that will make it easier to go through any other extra experience.

Can I visit China during winter?

Winter goes from November all the way to march. I know just like other regions, you will find that lesser tourists are visiting different sites during winter.

There are, however, a place you can still visit, though even if its during winters.

It’s colder in the north, so if you are thinking of visiting China, you can go to the south.

Places like Hong Kong, Yunnan, Hainan, and Macau are some of the few places to visit.

Suppose you like snow, though winter is the perfect time to visit China. If you want to ice skate, you can do it during this time.

Beijing is just as perfect to go to when there’s a little bit of snow as it is during spring or summer. You can’t fully predict when it’s going to snow, so most people prefer to visit during spring.

Like Harbin, though, places have made a name for themselves for being the best places to go to if you like ice festivals.

Watch out for the winter days to make sure you are in the perfect temperature range.

Should you go during high season or low season?

Before we answer this question, you will need to know when to expect the high or the low peak seasons.

In the tourism industry, we have the two seasons to Show when the travelers come more, and when only a few visit the country.

Each country and region has its peak season that’s unique to them.

In China, the high season runs from April to October. This is the time when the weather is perfect for visiting different destinations. Of course, there are many festivals too during this time, but it’s never really the best time to visit any place.

Remember, although you will interact more and see different touristic events and attraction sites, you spend more.

The hotels, planes, and train tickets are costly. Other than that, it’s hard to find hotel accommodation as well as flights.

You will have crowds of people, which may work to your advantage or not. If you like crowds, then all the better, but you will have a hard time if you don’t.

You may not see as much as you would when its low season. The high season is geared towards pleasing tourists; therefore, you can expect to see much more than you would typically do.

My best advice is that if you are going to visit China during high season, why not do so in an organized tour that will save you more money?

If you went on a personal trip, though, you could expect to spend a lot more.

On the other hand, low seasons have lesser crowds, and you expect to spend much less on accommodation and sometimes even the flight tickets.

You will therefore save more money if you are visiting during the low seasons.

Do you want to rest for real? Visit during low season lesser crowds, and people are going about their business.

This is especially the best time for those spiritual beings because you can have your times.

You won’t have much interference when you are traveling during the low season.

If you like Chinese festivals

Sometimes you like the Chinese festivals, and as such, you can organize for a trip just when they are about to have their festivals.

Notice that there are many festivals in the country, each with a story, usually legendary. The Chinese love to celebrate secular and religious festivals.

Most of the festivals will take place following the Chinese lunar calendar. Therefore, the main festivals have different dates of the year as they will depend on the lunar year.

One which is mostly celebrated is the Chinese new year or spring festivals, which is late January to February and the national day in October.

On these dates, you will experience the true festivals and cultures of the Chinese. There are many other Chinese festivals that you can partake in.

However, if you are not a fun of congestion, then the festivals may not be the time to visit. Remember, it’s also the time when the Chinese families reunite.

Traveling per region

Of course, it’s best to travel to different regions at different times. Remember, they never have similar weather patterns.

Best time to visit northern china

It will literary snow a lot during its winter, which means that most people will find it hard to stay there. If you are a snow junkie, then you can visit the northern side.

Although spring is perfect in northern china too, you should know that you may experience a sand storm. This will often make the movements hard.

If you want to enjoy your travels, you can visit the place during the summer and autumn days. There’s plenty of rain, which then causes the refreshing air making it perfect for visiting.

Visit Beijing: spring and autumn are perfect for visiting the area. Expect hotter temperatures though during the spring seasons.

Harbin: this area is mostly visited because of the ice festivals. So you can visit in the winter seasons.

Chengde: if you love the summer days, then you will find it easy to visit the resort.

Best time to visit central china

Here you should best visit it from June through August.

So you can visit during spring and autumn but consider the holiday season if you don’t want to go into a crowd.

Xian: is the perfect place for tourists all year round, with April to October being the best time to visit.

Yangtze river: you can visit during the spring and autumn seasons.

Datong: you can visit during the summer.

Best time to travel to eastern china

This area is perfect for traveling to almost all year round because it has the ideal and natural-looking weather. Nonetheless, set your travels from April through October.

Shanghai: the architecture city is perfect for visiting from spring and autumn. You can have snow festivals here too.

Hangzhou: this is the misty region of china where you should visit from march to May.

Best time to travel to southern China

The region has a higher temperature than most other parts of China. The region is best to visit during spring and autumn. You will enjoy the air, the green trees, among other beautiful sceneries, and the great looking mountains.

Yunnan: the best time to visit is from April to October.

Hong Kong: this is great, so you can visit at any time.

Guizhou: you can visit this region during springtime.

Best time to travel to visit western regions

This region has a slower pace of life. It doesn’t have the perfect weather throughout the year, so they don’t have fine weather for many days. However, if you have to visit, do so during summer, between April and September.

Tibet: notice that you can’t travel here in march as per government regulation, but you can go in April through July.

Zhangye: you should visit in June to September

When not to visit

Of course, if we were going to show you a time that you should visit, we can as well show you a time that you shouldn’t visit.

Although we have mentioned that you should visit during spring, you should also avoid this time if you want to have some really quiet times.

It will be hard to know when the holidays are on. However, to be on the safe side, you should keep off the days as they feature the most crowded seasons.

This is especially true for the Chinese new year as there will be so much movement within the country and more Chinese reuniting with their families. It will not give you a quiet holiday bliss environment.

You can expect to spend a lot more when you are going on holiday during a high peak. The air tickets and hotel accommodations cost you a lot more.

If you are looking for festival trips, then make sure you plan everything well in advance.

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