Here is the thing. I got a close friend Daniel, he went out to America for his overseas studying. And he made a new local friend, Johnson.

Months ago, Daniel took his holiday back home to China, and along with him was the new friend Johnson. It was the very first time for Johnson to visit China. You know what, this guy kept looking outside around sitting in my car, on the way from the Airport to Dan’s house, seemed like he’s eager to seek something.

We laughed and said, “John, How do you feel?” ” Hmm, Great, Very Nice, But……”  Johnson turned around his face, “But, where are the Pandas?”

“What???…What do you mean? You wanna see the Pandas in the Zoo?”

Daniel and I looked at each other filled with Question Marks. “No, I mean,why can’t I see people walk their pandas in the street? for it’s cold outside today?”

Johnson seemed puzzled and continued seriously. “What? Man, you thought every Chinese Family got a Panda at home just like we keep dogs at home? ” “Am I wrong?…”

Definitely Johnson was wrong. Even though Pandas are the Endemic Species being unique to China, but they have been endangered for many years.

Consequently, Pandas become the China’s National Treasure. According to the recent statistics, the number of Pandas in China is around 2,000, so that’s impossible every family in China keeps a panda at home.

It’s not keeping a dog, man. Then that’s why Johnson could not see people walking a Panda in the street.

Though it had been a few months, but it made me realize that something is supposed to be done. Curiosity comes up to my mind and then I just type on the Google to find the answers.

And the answers to the questions like “What is your impression of China” shows that there are numbers of people just know so little about China.

What they really know are very limited and fragmentary. Maybe one of the reasons is that most people receive the information from the media or the official propaganda.

Yet some media do not have a right attitude to report the news in an objective way. Another reason suppose to be that there are few authentic internet resource for foreign people to learn and get the knowledge about China.

Then that’s why we start up this website.

What we gonna do? We are gonna share what you guys should know. They are going to be funny and will broaden your horizon compared to those official political news that you read before. But remember we are not going to talk about politics, we just show you interesting things you never seen.

So, if

You never been to China before and know nothing about it;

You come over to China before but it’s been many years;

You want to know more about China.

Then you have come to the right place.

If you guys have any good ideas in your mind, do not hesitate to tell us.