China Video Site

The 21st century has seen the rise in online businesses, but it’s also a generation that spends most of the time online. Globally there’s a rage for the online video platforms and its further gaining popularity by the day. Today we are interested in the china video sites. Although china operates differently from most western countries,

Best Time to Visit China

When you are organizing a trip, there are several factors to consider. One of the main factors that matter is the best time to visit the place. Notice, though, that just like other countries, the times change. Since China is a large country, you can expect many places you can visit in the country. I

Tipping in China

Contrary to most countries across the globe, tipping is not very common in China. The culture is different here than the west. Even though more people are slowly embracing tipping culture, it’s still not a very good gesture to many Chinese. If you are a traveler, you want to be part of the natives by

How to Use Alipay In China

Alipay China China has grown and continues to grow economically more than any other country in the world. Thanks to our entrepreneurial and aggressive spirit. You would expect the growth to affect even our tech world and, it has. One of the most popular apps in China today is Alipay. Although it has been in

Travel To China Checklist

Most of us love to travel but are we all packing phobic? The thought of traveling often excites me to the nerves, but when I think of packing, I get too tired even to start the process. Recently, I was going for a trip to Shanghai China for a business meeting, and I came across

Funny Invention Change China-Steps To Make and Set A Firework To Celebrate Chinese New Year

The Chinese Traditional New Year Is Coming. As we all know, The Spring Festival is a Chinese Traditional Festival, which is the most important day for all the Chinese.People can be able to release emotions, to meet the psychological demands during these days. But during such important days, how do people in China celebrate it? One